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Red Dragon Cartel

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Joined: 21 Jul 1999
Posts: 150
Location: HOUSTON, TX, USA

PostPosted: Fri Feb 14, 2014 9:46 am    Post subject: Red Dragon Cartel Reply with quote

The return of Jake E. Lee. I think it is awesome, like the songs quite a bit. He stepped away from the bluesy style shown in Badlands.
I do have a question, though, from what I have seen in may boards, Jake has been considered a top favorite of the Ozzy guitar players, in some circles even better than Rhoads, why did he not ever get the recognition from the fans, through music sales and concerts attendance?
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Jorge Castillo

Joined: 06 Apr 2004
Posts: 772
Location: Gilroy,CA

PostPosted: Wed Feb 19, 2014 7:38 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

this is http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C1zPls_cYc0
the new red dragoncartel video 2014
and about thequestion..mmm

it all depends perhaps on your age...maybe some people starteds with jake e lee ...thebn others started with randy rhoads

so perhaps,,...if u saw jake e lee on stage http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s2QZQzexVkI maybe one can be amazed by that and sspread the word about how great he was and viceversa, maybe its all a matter of personal opinions...
fans...most fans are all about hype..they just follow whats "in"...concert attendances is affected by many more factors...consider alice cooper doesnt get the same recognition in chile tan he does in argentina,and both countries are very close to each other and its the same guy.
and last item...sales....well..sales are..like....a strange thing nowdays, right? bc unless the package is super awesome or you really want to "help"the artist using the little very little cash you get from probably a shitty job u have why would u spend that money on music when u can spend it on other more crucisal things..like food. Razz so well...people by records as a token of gratitude to the artist in a way, specially with this kind of artists, thats how i think of it in this moment. i mean, why did i buy a talisman album when i visited sweden just bc i said: ok im in Sweden and there's a double cd talisman album right in front of me , i cannot pass this opportunity to support these guys jhaha and i took it, but before that i was already very hyped with the band...that was like IV years ago by the way ...so now 99% of the people are struggling to make their ends meet...paying for their houses and school for kids and their jobs are demanding and what not, so to pay for a cd sounds like very out of the box ...in my circle of friends people make their own t-shirts of steel panther, h.e.a.t., kiss...even my brother has his own awesome hand drawn gotthard tshirt why would you even buy the original when you can have the same thing made by yourself and it even will look much better if u have the skill to do it, the reason would be some sort of outdated fetish ...or an awesome package like this: https://twitter.com/jeffscottsoto/status/435998024137842688/photo/1 (I find the other tweets relevants as well to this convo), in a way of c Razz ) This reminded me a conversation i had like 10 years ago if not more with a fashion-cloth designer who told me that when a new dress is coming out in debut in paris the copy is already being made and sold in NA so he asked me ...would u buy the otriginal in milan or buy the copy in na? i answered I would buy/wear only the original, ad he shaked his head like saying "ur pretty mad arent u and wrong like a facepalm thing haha)yes Iwas /am naive like 16 yo with a pretty much false sense of a pervceived "loyalty" towards "things"...so...nowadays I think i dont care if it is really origina ornot if they bot h work ok.... i mean why would i put a burden of myself....and besides that companies...record companoies have a really ba reputation ...so what do we have left... when we are making the merchandise ourselves...so we go to concerts,...aaaa, thats where loyalty lies nowadays at leaste thats what i feel with my circle. for example the concertfor example, rata blanca started at 8 pm in santiago we were at 6 pm in viƱa del mar (2 hours) so we phone called each other...my friend used the jeep to travel and we were 3 , we runned through the mall to buy the tickets , after work of course! and then travelled like xxxxx miles just to reach the place and arrived in the second song just in time. i mean , people do that for an iphone nowadays...it is all about a good brainwash i guess, Laughing i mean how f**k up are u to travel like xxx milesto watch a bunch of guys playing for 2 hours, i remember a friend he was like 60 yo and he was mad about rolling stones, they were like their favorite band, so the stones came once to chile and I asked him if he went to see them, and he said " of course i didnt go i didnt want to spoil the view i have on them from the records or videoclips" ...can u imagine that way of seeing things...he had such a profound vision he built throught the years that he didnt even wanted /needed to see them alive so weird but honest and why would you killhim for thinking like that ,ofc not. ...well...for me in concerts...i become a kid jumping all the concert screaming my lungs out , so much that eveni hand shake with ronnie dio years ago...and in this rata blanca concert the audience was so silent i was pissed off on how silent they were that in a silent moment I used my singing skills Laughing to make a hgh pitched scream that the singer heard, so he answered with another scream of his own, and i did it again and he also did it again...and we both laugh... it was a "rockstar-the movie" moment. like dreaming they were gonna say "alright come to the stage and take my place", hahaha just like in the movie....or when i went to an angra show back in like...1998 (yeah , i know , not a long time ago) and I thre him a chilean flag with angra writte on it and the singer matos sang with it on his back pocket the rest of the show (so yeah f**k metallica for destroying fuking Napster u fcking morons Laughing btw, if u metallica guys ever readthis: i think ur album with lou reed is the best you ever made http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5Z0GkrYAT78 ) ...you know it is like concerts atre like the most update expression of "loyalty" and "friendship" , and pretty much "brotherhood" why not. (well i think it depends on the band really.. :p maybe) .- im just arriving from visiting one of my best friends (DAE) and what did we do ...we watched an "art movie" a french movie named "Holy Motors"...so he turns his tv on - a fking XXX inch-tv wall to weall - (which i guess its like the standard nowadays , right?) and starts ciclying through like....100 movies on digital format..and i say you have like the entire blockbuster righthere...so true we laughed how we used to know a guy witha little tiny video store..so yeah, this was like the whole store in one pendrive...so did we care about the movie not beving the original..of course not. the movie wont even be phisically in whole fuking southamerica i supposse like most of things, which is the caseperhaps in europe or oter cpuntries...the pghysicall thing is even harder to get ... ..but Man , mouth to mouth comment about the movie is like > the movie is super good watch it when u can...so the result is right there on the victory of mouth to mouth, pretty much like in the old days....so like casstettes where everybvody would copy from the copy of th copy and re record over anpther copy u already had in there...
so attendances is like where it is nowadays, thats how it seems to work nowadays---but welll ... you need to get people to fill their pockets and the pockets of every1 involved ...as these guy wont do it "for the art" , i mean..hold, yes they "do" do it for the art...some of them make no money or even lose $...but at least they need to have an audience in the first place, right, it cant be myself , my group friends and like 5 more cats in there...u know 2 dozens of people arent worthy of everything it demands... some artists would make like the triple $ if they repeat the same concert in the same country instead of visiting another new counrty to please the fans...and i understand that, after all "it is all bout making money", which in reality i think it kinda sux u know , despite what every1 says..."life is about making money nothing else" way of seeing things in life....well ..yeah a lot of artists do not follow that path and the $ they got im pretty sure they deserved it witha lot of effort, a lot of effort they put on their job and passion. it is just about reading their books or interviews, documentaries, and more.

i dont think it is a jake e leething m but jake e lee is one of the bunch in big net of artists...despite that, concerts are like...where it is at now.

i will prepare breakfst , thanks god i have breakfast Razz Razz
(and hard radio haha)
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Joined: 03 May 2002
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Location: Costa Rica

PostPosted: Thu Feb 20, 2014 6:12 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Didn't like the album.

I think Randy was better than Jake, but Jake is a talented player. Sadly he has never been involved with bands I care for, including Ozzy.
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Joined: 13 Jun 2004
Posts: 22
Location: Casper, Wyoming, USA

PostPosted: Sun Dec 28, 2014 5:55 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Great band indeed.
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